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HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD

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HydraFacial MD: Our Signature Service

Using a 3-step technique, your Master Esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate, and extract dead skin cells. The technique is performed with a HydraFacial MD machine, resulting in an instantly noticeable difference to your skin’s tone. Although you’ll see some results after your first session, we’ve found that most of our clients benefit from between four and six.

After performing an initial analysis of your skin, The Brow Room Master Esthetician’s will determine which blend of vitamins and antioxidant products will suit your skin.

By taking a bespoke approach, we aim to provide advanced results that’ll enhance your natural look. Each treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The HydraFacial MD achieves its results by suctioning at pores and cleansing the skin by removing dead skin cells, it can stimulate better collagen production and produce a firmer looking face.

With its approach to cleansing, it eliminates some of the impurities that contribute to oiliness and mild acne. Most people find that they don’t experience any side-effects after the procedure.

Thanks to its short nature, you can opt to have your HydraFacial MD during your lunch hour. It’s not uncommon to experience redness afterward, which usually subsides after 30 minutes.

What Sets HydraFacial Apart?

HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and, the spiral design delivers painless extractions.

Cleanse & Peel

Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.

Extract & Hydrate

Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.

Fuse & Protect

Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

Some say we’re the best Esthetics Spa in Spokane!

Come Experience The Results For Yourself

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