Microblading in Spokane with Gorgeous Results

Are you tired of constantly having to touch up your eyebrows? At The Brow Room, our digital microblading in Spokane could save you a lot of time and energy. Using specialist techniques provided by well-trained Master Esthetician, Digital microblading is a semi-permanent brow shaping service that lasts between one and three years. Alongside achieving the perfect brows for your facial profile, it’s an excellent means of enjoying an elegant look no matter where you are.

How your Master Esthetician will create your digital microbladed eyebrows

Each Master Esthetician who provides digital microblading in Spokane at The Brow Room has received the right training. As such, they’ll always start their consultation by discussing the type of look you want. They’ll analyze the shape of your face and determine which brow finishes will match its contours. Using their expert knowledge and your desired outcomes, they’ll create an idea of the final finish.
Once you’re both happy with the results, they’ll get to work. Standard digital microblading techniques involve using a specialist handheld digital pen to gently work eyebrow hair-like shapes into the spaces where your brows should sit this results in a look that’s much subtler than tattooing.
It’s important to note that digital microblading is a refined technique, so you should allow plenty of time for your appointment. Additionally, make sure you pay close attention to your Master Esthetician aftercare advice.

Is microblading painful?

Using the skills and expertise of the right therapist, microblading isn’t painful. You may feel some small tugging and brushing sensations against your skin, but the delicate nature of the procedure means it doesn’t feel at all like getting a tattoo.
To minimize the risk of pain, your Master Esthetician at The Brow Room will also use a local anesthetic and/or they’ll apply a numbing cream. As the appointment takes longer than standard eyebrow reshaping, your comfort is our priority.

Who is this eyebrow shaping procedure suitable for?

Most people choose digital microblading because their eyebrows are quite thin and they’re bored with stenciling them in. Unlike using an eyebrow stencil, this approach delivers long-lasting results that won’t smudge in the rain or when you sweat. It also makes it easier to go out with a makeup-free look, as your eyebrows are already in place.
Alternatively, you may find that you want digital  microblading because you have thick eyebrows and you’re bored of visiting a esthetician every few weeks. In this instance, our approach can reduce the amount of time you spend creating the perfect brow.

Digital Microblading is typically used on those over the age of 18. Although it’s suitable for most people, certain skin conditions could exclude you from using it. Therefore, we’ll always perform a professional analysis and may perform a skin patch testing before agreeing to the procedure.

You can use this approach to eyebrow shaping no matter what your hair color is. Part of the digital microblading process involves analyzing your skin tone and hair color, so that we can deliver the most natural results.
If you feel as though Digital microblading is right for you and you want to know more,
contact us at The Brow Room by calling 509-563-BROW (2769)