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Eyebrow Tinting

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Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

When you want a Brow or Lash tint in Spokane that delivers lasting results, come to The Brow Room. With our skill and experience, we can provide eyebrow and lash tinting that’ll match your natural coloring. Using our approach, you’ll enjoy a more convenient makeup routine that requires minimal attention to your eyebrows.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting involves using a safe dye to color your eyebrows and accentuate your natural beauty. The aim isn’t to make them clash with your hair color or complexion, though. Instead, lash and brow tints complement your existing features.
A good brow tint will last between four and eight weeks. During this time, you can confidently put your brow shaping and coloring kits away. Depending on how you approach your makeup, this could shave hours off your beauty regimen every week.
Many people who visit The Brow Room tend to use eyebrow tinting alongside waxing and shaping. If you choose to do the same, you’ll enjoy results that frame your face and leave you looking gorgeous.

Who could benefit from a brow tint?

Almost everyone could benefit from a brow tint! Both men and women use our brow tinting services at The Brow Room. As we’re able to provide tinting with varying degrees of subtlety, our customers know they’ll receive fantastic results.
Many people who choose to use lash and brow tints do so because their natural brow color is a little pale for their liking. When you come to us, rest assured we’ll use a tint that accentuates the way you look. With natural results, you’ll feel confident and look amazing.

What does the process involve?

Your eyebrow tint will involve carefully applying a semi-permanent dye to your eyebrows. It only takes around ten to fifteen minutes and the results are instant. If you choose to use waxing alongside your tint, the waxing will take place first.

How should you prepare for brow tinting?

At The Brow Room, we take great pride in our work. This means we do everything we can to make sure your brow tinting looks fantastic. But, you can still help us along by preparing for your brow tint in the following ways:
• On the day of your appointment, make sure you remove all your makeup first. In fact, try to avoid putting any on that day. If you’re having a lash and brow tint, this means steering away from mascara too.
• Try to avoid moisturizing on the morning of your appointment. Too much oil can affect the way the dye settles into your brows, which means the results might not stand out as much as you’d like.
• Avoid certain beauty treatments before the brow tint as you may develop a rash. For example, derma rolling, chemical skin peels, and intensive exfoliation. At home light exfoliation is acceptable but wash your face thoroughly after to remove any residue.

Ways to make your brow tint last longer

If you want to make your brow tint last longer, try the following tips:
• Avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after. This means skipping your cleanser, avoiding swimming, and staying away from steam rooms and showers.
• Switch to a non-oily cleanser. Oil is fantastic at stripping dye away from brows faster so try a non-oily alternative.
• Avoid sunbeds. Sunbeds may also encourage the results to fade faster.
If you would like to use our eyebrow or lash tinting services, call us today.

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