There are many good reasons for wanting tattoo removal services. Sometimes a tattoo can look dated, or you may decide it doesn’t suit your current style. Many people get tattoos when they’re young, not really thinking about how they’ll affect their appearance when they’re more mature. The skin can stretch and sag over time too, meaning a tattoo doesn’t look like it used to.

The ink can fade over the years, especially if it’s exposed to sunlight. Poor quality tattoos are another common reason our clients often want a tattoo removed.


Other times a tattoo can become less meaningful. If you have your ex’s name emblazoned on your arm and are getting married, for example, you probably want to erase tributes to your previous partner.

Gang and prison tattoos may be other remnants from your past you wish to forget about. You may even elect to remove a tattoo because it’s recommended or required for a job you desire.

How does laser tattoo removal technology work?

When you need a tattoo removed in Spokane, WA The Brow Room is the place to call. Our experts can use laser technology to remove a tattoo safely and effectively. We have several types of lasers available to deal with different tattoo removal issues.

Your aesthetician will use the energy generated by a laser device to break up tattoo pigments in the skin’s dermis, a subdermal layer of the skin. The pigments break into microscopic fragments, which are then absorbed and eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system.

Depending on the age, size, color, ink quality, and saturation of the tattoo, multiple sessions will be recommended for optimum results. Some tattoos were applied with a heavy hand or used synthetic inks that resist breakdown with a laser beam. We usually tell clients that it may take up to a year to remove a tattoo. You need about six weeks minimum between laser removal sessions.

Other factors that influence how long it takes to remove a tattoo completely include your age, metabolism, circulatory health, and status of your immune system to break down the tattoo ink fragments. If you have a chronic illness or autoimmune disease, sometimes it can take a bit longer to fully eradicate a tattoo. Likewise, if you’re a smoker or don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body will take longer to rid itself of the old tattoo once it’s broken down.

When you come for your first appointment for tattoo removal services, we can discuss estimates for how long it will take. And after the first few sessions, we’ll have a better idea of how your tattoo responds to the laser and how fast your body can absorb and remove the ink pigments. From there, we can set up a calendar to remove the remainder of your tattoo, and you’ll know more what to expect as time goes on.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Yes, laser tattoo removal is quite safe when performed by pros like the staff at The Brow Room. We have been trained in the process and have experience working with different types of tattoos on a variety of clients.

Tattoo removal by laser has been approved by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) for over 20 years. During that time, laser technology has evolved, and we now have the best tools at our disposal to give you the results you want.

Can you do partial tattoo removal?

Some clients want a partial removal of their tattoo (a.k.a. cover-up). This usually occurs when they want to create a clean slate to revise part of the tattoo. Maybe someone’s name is being removed, but the rest of the image is going to remain, or perhaps they plan to improve on a tattoo that now isn’t up to their standards.

We can do a partial tattoo removal in this case. It usually takes one to four sessions for partial removal, depending on some of the factors discussed above and your plans for the new tattoo.

Please let your aesthetician know at your first session that you only want a partial removal. Also, it’s best if you confer with your tattoo artist first, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to the final results and expectations. Please note that you cannot have a new tattoo applied until at least six weeks after your last removal session.

What will the results look like when I’m done with treatments?

Every client’s results differ when it comes to tattoo removal. As mentioned, there are many factors that affect how your body reacts to the laser and how it breaks down the ink. For the best results, we suggest that clients refrain from smoking, eat healthily, take care of their skin, and engage in activities that improve circulation, like exercise and massage.

We always aim for 100 percent clearance of the image, but we cannot guarantee it. Sometimes a little scarring remains, especially if an outline was used when the tattoo was first applied. Usually, however, the results are good enough for you and for other entities, like an employer that requires no visible tattoos. Feel free to ask for before-and-after photos from other clients when you come for your consultation.

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