pigment removalThis treatment uses laser technology to remove hyperpigmentation from the skin. The hyperpigmentation is caused by a concentration of melanin at that particular location in the skin. Excess melanin can be present from birth, such as in the case of birthmarks, or it can be caused by hormone changes (usually from pregnancy or birth control pills), sun exposure, and aging.


A light beam is directed at the problem area, causing the pigmentation to break up, without changing the normal color of the skin or damaging the surrounding area. Our clients at The Brow Room love it because it’s fast and effective, with no downtime afterward.

Is laser pigmentation removal safe?

Yes! Using lasers to remove hyperpigmented areas of the skin is FDA-approved. This procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require recovery time. The use of lasers for removing pigmentation has been well studied and reported in medical journals since the 1980s.

Who is a good candidate for laser pigmentation removal?

At The Brow Room, we treat a range of clients for laser pigmentation removal. Their common issues include:

  • Birthmarks
  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Melasma

As long as the hyperpigmented area is benign, we can usually treat it. People with a history of skin cancer may not be good candidates, however. If you have questions about its safety or efficacy for your unique case, feel free to give us a call or reach out online to schedule a consultation for more information.

How does laser pigmentation removal work?

This treatment involves directing short pulses of light from a laser device at a problem area of the skin where there is too much pigment. The laser causes the pigment to break apart into microscopic bits, which your body can then absorb and eliminate naturally via the lymphatic system, similar to the way a tattoo is removed.

What should you expect during your laser pigmentation removal session?

Treatments last about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Both you and the aesthetician working on you will be required to wear protective eyewear. You only need to expose the area of the body being worked on and can wear clothes during your appointment.

You may feel some mild discomfort during laser pigmentation removal, similar to being slapped with an elastic band. However, some people report feeling nothing at all. It often depends on the location of the body that is being treated and your personal level of sensitivity.

After your session, you may notice some temporary reddening, discoloration, or hypersensitivity of the area just treated. You can wear makeup right away to hide any unwanted changes in your skin color as the pigment goes through the process of breaking down.

Any discomfort can be treated with ice packs and over-the-counter pain medications. Should you have any scabbing or blistering, let it heal on its own without any interference. Most people have so little trouble that they schedule sessions during their lunch break at work or before going out that same evening. Just don’t engage in any rough or contact sports for about 10 days after each session.

Face Skin pigmentation removal Spokane

How do you prepare for a pigmentation removal appointment?

Your skin should be clean when you arrive for treatment and free of lotions, oils, fragrance, or makeup. Any hair in the area should be shaved. Try to avoid sun exposure and do not use tanning beds for four weeks prior to your appointment. Refrain from using self-tanning products a couple of weeks before any laser pigmentation removal sessions. Do not apply any topical numbing agents to the area being treated on the day of your appointment.

What else should you know about laser pigmentation removal?

Areas of the body

You can use laser technology to remove hyperpigmentation on many different areas of the body. While the face is probably most common, we frequently treat clients with excessive pigmentation on the hands, arms, chest, and neck. This treatment would also work on the stomach, back, and legs.

Number of treatments

It’s been our experience that most people need at least a couple of treatments to completely remove hyperpigmentation with laser devices. The number of sessions you will need depends on several factors, including the type of pigmentation being treated, as well as its size, depth, and location on the body. We typically schedule sessions about four to eight weeks apart.

You will see results after just one treatment starting in about four weeks, with even more change at around eight weeks. You can talk to your aesthetician about how many sessions you will likely need to schedule to see the total results you want.

Return of hyperpigmentation

While laser pigmentation removal is highly effective at removing many types of unwanted skin pigment, there is a chance some pigmentation may return. This is usually the result of hormone changes or exposure to UV light from the sun. While you should consult with a physician about hormonal hyperpigmentation, you can minimize sun damage by staying out of the sun during peak times of the day, wearing protective clothing, and applying a sunscreen with a high SPF.

Boosting the lymphatic system

Because the lymphatic system plays a major role in eliminating skin pigment once it has been broken up by laser treatment, we recommend keeping it as healthy as possible. In addition to eating a healthy diet and not smoking, you should exercise to increase circulation. Massage also improves circulation and helps speed healing.

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