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Lash Lifts

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Lash Lifts

Lash Lifts

Are you tired of triple coating mascara and paying for expensive eyelash extensions? With lash lifts, you get a semi-permanent lift that brightens up your eyes without being damaging or invasive. Lash lifts are taking over Instagram, which isn’t a surprise once you see the glamorous results.

What Is a Lash Lift?

With the help of an experienced professional and a chemical solution, a lash lift is a short process that essentially perms your eyelashes. After using eyelash curlers, layers of mascara, or even eyelash extensions, many are left frustrated by the results. But lash lifts take even the flattest, shortest lashes and make them look full and stunning.

What’s the Lash Lifting Process?

The process itself is relatively straightforward, especially when performed by one of our amazing professionals. Your upper lashes are first cleaned and separated from your bottom lashes. They’re gently stuck to a silicone shield above your lash line and are then carefully combed using a safe solution. The solution itself is left on for approximately 10 minutes, allowing it time to soften your lashes, making them moldable to their new shape.

And voila! In less than an hour, you have a gorgeous lash lift to show off to the world.

How’s a Lash Lift Different from Alternatives?

There are several factors that separate a lash lift from alternative methods. These include:

  • Lasting Results: The noticeable results of your lash lift tend to last about 6 to 8 weeks. Needless to say, that beats eyelash curlers and mascara by quite a bit.
  • Affordability: Eyelash extensions can be a pretty heavy hit on your budget, especially if you’re getting them done consistently. Lash lifts tend to be a more affordable alternative.
  • Comfort: Getting a lash lift once in a while is considerably more comfortable than having to apply your own falsies or worry about losing your extensions while on the go.
  • Customize: That’s right! Tell us about the kind of look you want. You can customize how long, how bold, whether or not you want a lash tint, and more.

What Do I Do Before and After My Lift?

Before? Nothing. The only thing that really has to be done before the lift is that your lashes are cleaned of any makeup residue. Thankfully, any professional worth their salt will do this for you beforehand anyway. Don’t worry about a thing.

As for the after, the first 24 hours post-process are the most important. You shouldn’t wear makeup and should avoid overly wet, hot, or humid environments. Other than that, a lash lift is super low maintenance. You won’t have to be paranoid about them throughout the day.

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